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Who want to be in control of their property descriptions
Who want to manage their hotel property description all over the web
Who want to showcase their hotel with their best images
Who want to optimize their bookings with data driven market-intelligence
Who want to reach their guests in their own language

Hotels sell rooms to booking partners, but have no straightforward way to manage the information that’s displayed about their property. Hotel Data Cloud houses a hotel’s descriptions and photos, so you can simply translate, update, and publish to any booking site — instantly.

1 Million Hotels
Over 600 attributes
per hotel
Multiple booking partners
booking partners
Instant updates
Instant updates

Does your hotel look good on booking sites?

You work hard to make your hotel appeal to clients with professional photos, virtual walk-throughs, and quality property and room descriptions. Unfortunately, none of that ends up on booking websites. Hotel Data Cloud is changing all that...

Get found

Hotel Data Cloud is the only hotel database that lets you manage room type and class descriptions, add amenities, and host photos for booking sites — so you can increase your visibility to potential clients. Plus, we offer human translation to help you reach even wider markets.

Sell smarter

Hotel Data Cloud gives hotel owners and managers control of their information on third-party sites. Keep photos and property descriptions up-to-date, gather market insights, and see what other hotels are charging at a glance.

Save time

With Hotel Data Cloud, you can update your property details on dozens of booking sites with a single click. Spend less time shuffling paperwork and more time running your hotel.

Improve your hotel’s presence around the web

We provide data to multiple wholesalers and booking partners, and we're adding more every day.

No other solution lets you update & manage all your hotel content.
With just one click.

Hotel Descriptions

Display your latest property details

Room Type Descriptions

Sell more rooms with detailed descriptions

Amenity Options

Increase visibility in filtered searches


Reach international markets

Precise Geolocation

Effectively communicate your location using what3words

Photo Hosting

Showcase your hotel with 50 high-res photos

360° Panoramic Pictures & Videos

Let guests experience your hotel virtually

Instant Updates

Keep your info on booking sites up-to-date

Temporary Changes

Define distribution time frames for temporary updates


Why juggle multiple tools when you can use Hotel Data Cloud?

Only Hotel Data Cloud is a one-stop shop for managing all your hotel data. Plus, it’s so easy to use.

Price overview

Standard coverage across all booking channels

Perfect for smaller, privately managed properties

150 Word Hotel Description

150-Word Room Descriptions

Descriptions in 2 Languages

Room Type Listing

Standard Room Amenities

Standard Hotel Amenities & Services

Image Distribution

2.7USD / Day
* billed anually
Comprehensive coverage including image distribution

Perfect for professionally managed hotels of any size
Includes everything from Basic and:

800-Word Hotel Description

800-Word Room Descriptions

Descriptions in 10 Languages

Editorial Support for Hotel Descriptions (Paid Add-on Upon Request)

Hotel Description Translation (Paid Add-on Upon Request)

Room Description Translation (Paid Add-on Upon Request)

Fully Detailed Room Amenities

Fully Detailed Hotel Amenities & Services

Standard Meeting & Conference Facilities Listing

50 High Resolution Images

Image Captions, Tags, Categories & Descriptions

Room Type Attribution of Images

Video, 360° Images & Virtual Tours (Paid Add-on Upon Request)

4.25USD / Day
* billed anually
Longer descriptions in unlimited languages

Perfect for large hotels catering to international guests
Includes everything from Premium and:

1000 Word Hotel Description

1000 Word Room Descriptions

Descriptions in Unlimited Languages

1 Hotel Description Translation Included (Additional Upon Request)

80 High Resolution Images

See what you can do with Hotel Data Cloud

Own Your Data
on Third-Party Sites

Tired of emailing booking partners to update your info? Simply enter your existing hotel and room descriptions and upload photos. Add amenities like parking, breakfast, and WiFi. Setup is painless, and we’ll take care of the rest.

See What
Your Customers See

Learn what customers are looking at — even on your booking partners’ websites. Get price updates and see which hotels are selling well in each market so you can stay competitive.

One-Click Translation

Host international travelers? Hotel Data Cloud’s affordable translation service lets you provide relevant descriptions in any language. Plus, we use a real human, not a robot. Our translators are native speakers, and every translation is checked by a reviewer.

Update Booking
Sites in Seconds

Pool closed? Under renovation? Easily update amenities, photos, and even room type descriptions 24/7. We’ll send them straight to your booking partners and you’ll see the updates by the time your next guest checks in.

Get up and running within 10 minutes